Second That Emotion

It is hard to love you, each and everyday

It is hard to see you, in the same way.


It’s the melody in your voice, with

an unknown identity.

It’s the look in your eye, full

of lust and fury.


It’s the touch of your hand,

so soft and luring.

It’s the beat of your heart,

forever enduring.


I take part knowing

just how much I am devoting.


—it is hard to love you.





Mi Amor

In one universe

One lifetime is not enough

My love paradox

What lies beneath

Stepped over and jumped on.

How come I feel like a dirty sidewalk?

Was once clean and grey,

Freshly dried and smoothed—

Turned into black with everything to lose.

You keep people moving, or at least you tried.

It became too hard to push your own problems aside.


Once clean and smoothed, became black and cracked.

No one notices when the walls backtrack.


They look down and sigh, ‘look how far you’ve come’

But they only knew what was on the surface,

Disregarding what was missed deep,

deep down below.

Never-Ending Mirror

I look at you while you stare back at me,

I never knew this is how it would be.

I reach my hand out, you

do the same.

I hate the fact that I give you a fake name.

I call you Lily but it’s really not,

all you are is just a thought.


I rest on you while

you rest on me.

I cannot believe this is how it must be.

I don’t know who I am,

I barely know who you are.

I hate that I left you with an open scar.


I’m leaving you behind, but I see you over

my shoulder.

I am tired of being this



There is too much within her,

She needs to break away from this mirror.

my batteries

My batteries are low, I’m probably dying out

Maybe it is from that last tuna melt.

I can’t stand to face it, I can’t stand to move on.

How much longer will it take me, I need to carry on.

Its all over, my batteries are low

My clock is ticking, there is no final show.

This is it, this is the end

That you all, for this is my final lens

To see though the ink, to read between the lines

Nothing else can show you the meat within

the fine lines.

But its all over now, my batteries are low.

My clock is ticking, but there is no

final show.

Hold on

Baby, please, this one is for you

I Know You Have Been Feeling Blue,

and I am Trying to Bring You a Clue.

I love you and You are my Cue.

You are My Cue for Motivation, My Cue For Love

My Cue for The Rare, my Cue for the Bud.


Baby, please, Hold On.

Baby You’re My Swan

You the One I Go To, Baby,

Your’e the Reason I Log On.

You’re My Reason To Go On,

You’re My Reason To Breath.

You’re the Reason I Feel F**ken Real.

I Love You BABY,

Just Help Me Feel.

You cant change me.

You don’t own me, you don’t influence me

You can’t push me; I feel like I am under see.

You cant change me..

I understand you’re trying, but that is never enough

I can hear you crying, but I am the black sheep.

I am in deep and you best believe,

I will not make what you have achieved.

I cannot help it though, you push and push

I am never happy;

You cannot push this push.

People like us

We The People, are tired of the lies

We are tired of the sympathetic quotes, speeches and looks

We the People are over the cliché remarks and ill informed shrinks

People like us want to be helped, we don’t want to be cured

There is no helping people like us

We the People don’t want to be heard, we need you to listen

We are sick of the judgments because of a misunderstanding,

of ignorance, and of your own pride.


There is no helping people like us.


People like us cannot pinpoint our pain;

We cannot give you specifics.

We cannot have you enter our minds,

no matter how hard we try.

Eventually, people like us give in

There is no helping people like us.